Friday, July 20, 2012


I figured at a month after surgery I should have my Steri Strips off, a couple fell off on their own but the others? they were hanging on for dear life.
I got brave and GENTLY pulled them off last night.

My incisions...are fabulous! I've had other surgeries and I'm a good healer, but Dr. C must also be a Plastic Surgeon, I had a hard time actually seeing the incisions and when I showed my husband he had the same reaction.
Rock on Dr. C!

I went to an event for work last night, thankfully they had a semi-healthy table with fruit, cheese and crackers. On the other side though, it was temptation galore with lots of breads and sweets.
I didn't trust myself to go anywhere near that area.
I did have 4 teeny tiny bites of pecan pie, just enough to kill the craving and make me feel guilty.
Guilt works.

I can now tell that I have no restriction, I can eat as much as I want but I have been very good. I have no problem chugging water, and I can eat more than one cup of soup where a couple of weeks ago that was not an option.
So I know I have to be very good, and really watch what passes through my lips.
Seeing the numbers drop on the scale is a big motivation for me, so I need to keep it up and as much as some say it's a bad idea, I will keep weighing every day.
That works for me, it keeps me in check and motivates me to keep making good choices.

I plan on getting some walking in this weekend, the low energy thing has kept me from doing much at all, but I started being diligent about taking my Vitamins and Protein shakes.
Hopefully it won't be 300 degrees in the shade this weekend...ha!


  1. Lucky lucky... my biggest scar keloided (not a word, but you know what I mean...) slightly. So while the others have faded, and the color has faded... that one is still pretty raised. I'm gonna try to use some scar cream or band aids on it, see if it'll help.

    Glad to see you're doing well!

  2. My surgeon's nurse practioner ripped off my steri strips 6 days post op. ouch. I like the idea of letting them "fall off" better.

  3. new follower :) best wishes to you!