Friday, July 6, 2012

On the Cheap Side

I wore jeans to work today, but it was not a good idea because even though they are loose, they still pinched around my incisions, and that's not good.

I ran into Wal*Mart to grab something comfy.
I ended up getting 3 pairs of El Cheapo capri pants, denim, white and army green each $8.
It made sense to me to get these transitional items, I won't feel as bad in a few weeks when they don't fit and I must donate them, no big investment there.
I got a size 16-18 which are pretty roomy already, but they fit my swollen tummy just fine.

Yesterday I bought a protein powder pack to try:

I could only take two sips...awful, awful stuff.
So far, the Adkins and EAS are my favorites.


  1. Ugh, I remember the swollen tummy. I looked pregnant for weeks.

    Congrats on having had your surgery and it's great how well you're doing post-op. It's a learning curve once you start eating, but you'll get there. And there's a lot of support on the blogs.

    I was trying to find how to follow your blog, but I can't see it anywhere.

  2. congrats on the surgery...I was also trying to follow but you need to add the button! Good luck the swelling will come down soon!

  3. Thank you ladies, I will add the girl here, LOL!

  4. HA HA...I hear you on those protein drinks...some are God Awful!!! The only ones besides the High Protein Slim Fast (20g) that I could take and actually liked was the Muscle Milk (30-32g). The rest were of them I tried tasted like paint the muscle milk was actually pretty good...although expensive! Good luck!