Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Six weeks and I can't be trusted

I will be six weeks post-op tomorrow.

Sunday I woke up feeling great, and the scale had moved down a bit, all was well in my little world.
Then I did something really stupid, I didn't eat breakfast or lunch. We went out to run errands and by the time I finally got hungry I went from hungry to insanely super hungry in .2 seconds.
Not good you say? not good at all I say.

We went to Red Robin, where I knew I could get a salad and hubby would get a burger, easy right?
he ordered Onion Rings for an appetizer and I said "I'll just have a little one" and that little one turned into THREE, and then my meal came, so did his...and along with his burger were fries, the most delish fries.
I had one, then another and well you know where this is going.
I ate too much, and it HURT, and I knew it would but I didn't stop.

I cannot be trusted around food.

Yesterday I was "good" at work but then I got home starving and did it again. I had way too much for diner, it hurt again and I told myself never again.
Today I stepped on the scale, and I have gained 3 lbs.

I'm having my EAS shake for Breakfast, and will have another one for lunch...and one for dinner, because I feel bloated and gross and I'm really pissed off at myself.
I can't let myself go there, I've got to learn to control myself...I've lost 21 lbs. and that's a lot BUT...I could have lost more this week, if I hadn't lost my mind...I'm really disappointed in myself. 


  1. Don't beat yourself up. WE WILL have misteps...WE WILL have bad days. To think otherwise is just being naive! It's how we recover from it is what needs to change. You are doing AWESOME you've lost 21 lbs!! Focus on doing better today. Then tomorrow. Then the next day. one day at a time. You are still learning how to eat post-band. It will take a while to get used to it. If we never fail we never LEARN how to succeed!! :)

  2. Thank so much Julie, you are right of course and I know I'm beating myself up...somehow advice is better coming from someone else, I need to look at myself in a positive light.

  3. Dont beat yourself up....and don't deny yourself food...Your body will start muscle wasting and I know if you're like me, you need what muscle you have girl! I make terrible decisions when I'm starving AND I eat too fast....which usually means I'm gonna RALPH later. I have had my "bambi" for 6 years...she's a beast sometimes....I remember when I first started it was hard to adjust my mind to my new stomach. It is going to take time and pretty soon, you'll be pushing away his onion rings and saying "NO THANKS, NOT WORTH IT" Keep up the good work....21 lbs is an awesome start to your new life!