Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Been MIA

I thought I'd update, work and life have been busy,
I think the last time I blogged here was right after my first fill, and I have my 2nd one in five more days.

I've lost 34 lbs. since my surgery at the end of June.
My struggle with exercise is an on-going thing, I just can't get myself to just do it.

Eating is easier as in I don't do a lot of it, I don't think about it much and when I do it's because I have to go out to eat.
That has always been the hardest for me, making good choices when I'm looking at a menu and then at other people's plates is HARD, but I'm doing it.
Last week at a birthday dinner I had a salad...actually it was lettuce and dressing...because everything else on the menu was not for me. Everyone else enjoyed the family style feast of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, BBQ chicken, baked beans, buttery green beans, chicken fried steak and biscuits...that was like my own version of hell for about two hours, but I did not put a single "bad" thing into my mouth.
While everyone left there stuffed and feeling gross, I left with a happy tummy and a happy heart.

When I got home I had a little grilled chicken, and it tasted amazing.

Another victory...I'm thankful