Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Control? I have none...

So, I got so frustrated with our scale that I ordered this one from Amazon.
I researched and found that the Eat Smart brand has the best reviews, it's amazing how many people swear by them.
Hopefully I will be happy when I step on it.
The old scale did give me a three pound loss yesterday, but I'm not trusting that sucker.

I'm doing well with my eating, I know I'm still not eating enough calories and not getting enough Protein, but..I don't know, I just want to see results.
Since I have NO energy whatsoever, I can't work out and even walking wears me out, at the end of the work day I am just exhausted. Actually, by mid-day I'm pretty much done.

I wasn't sleeping well so I got some Zzzquil, and it does the trick. I take two each night and I sleep like a baby.

I got a "You haven't lost weight" comment, and I knew I would, it's apparently a rite of banded passage, it still bothered me. I've lost at least 15 pounds, but I am still very swollen from the surgery so yeah, I don't LOOK smaller to other people, but I see it and feel it, and so does my husband.
I can't wait for my stomach to start shrinking.

Patience is hard for me.

I still have soreness and pain, again, I can't wait to feel better.
This band is teaching me a's teaching me that I am not the one in control here, at least not now.

My first fill will be the first week in September, but I may have to postpone it, as I have a business trip a few days later, and I hear it's not good to fly newly filled...see? I have NO control.

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