Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lesser of Two Evils?

This week has been tough, lots of bad news, sickness and it just has been non stop!
Frankly I'm almost afraid to think about the next day *sigh*

The thing is that I was an emotional eater, and still may be since that may be something we don't get rid of, we may just learn to make better choices.
Instead of eating too much I'm barely eating at all, a couple of days I've ad just a handful of Almonds, or a Protein shake...yeah, all day.
I know it's bad for me, but with everything I have going on in my head I just cannot even think about eating, the little bites I've had are just so I don't pass out.

Not that what I'm doing is a good thing, but at least I am not stuffing my face with anything and everything around me.
I used to look sideways at the girls who said "I'm too upset to eat" but, now I know what that's like.

I will get back on track, and I do plan on eating a sensible meal tonight even if I have to make myself do it.

Life has ups and downs, with and without a just keeps on going and changing.

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